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Converting Solar Energy into Usable Energy

Go solar $0 Down
26% Tax Incentive

Solar Panels at the Lowest Price Guaranteed

24/7 Energy Monitoring


Reduce Reliance on Grid

Reduce your reliance on the electricity grid by using solar energy to power your house. Take control of your monthly power cost and purchase solar at the lowest price available from us.


Elegant Appearance

Our solar panels are low-profile and long-lasting, silently turning sunshine into electricity for many years to come, even in harsh environments. This is accomplished via the use of integrated hardware and a simple design that keeps the panels close to the roof and to one another for a minimalist appeal.

Home Battery Backup

Backup Systems

US Solar has provided full-service solar installations, including solar panels and backup power systems, for both households and businesses. With great workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, our objective is to deliver full residential and commercial solar power solutions that will encourage you to refer us to your friends and family.

Power On

Installation Setup

We’ll take care of everything, from obtaining permits to turning the electricity on. Soon after you purchase, we’ll acquire remote aerial images of your property, design the system for you, get any required permissions, and arrange the installation for you.


Solar Energy Production to the Max

Even on rooftops with difficult angles, our solar panels are engineered to be very efficient, offering maximum solar output year-round, regardless of the weather. Your completely integrated system is secure and dependable since it is powered by a US Solar inverter.


Mobile Monitoring

Manage your solar system from anywhere with mobile monitoring that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Watch your energy use in real-time, or customize your choices to maximize your chances of becoming energy independent.

Solar Panel Specs




IEC / UL 61730,
CEC Listed,
IEC 61215

Operating Temperature

-40°F up to +185°F

Inverter Power

3.8kW / 7.8kW

97.5% efficiency


74.4″ x 41.2″ x 1.57″
(including frame)

Inverter Dimensions

26″ x 16″ x 6″


Black anodized aluminum alloy frame
Black solar cells and backsheet

Inverter Warranty

12.5 years


25-year performance guarantee

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